SDF’s 9 track tape drive

This tape is a small 600 ft tape at 6250 cpi for about 44mb uncompressed. It was written in cpio format. At the time the main root disk was 40 mb but I bet that /usr is really just a back of /usr/local. /pub used to be /usr/pub but was later migrated to its own filesystem on another disk. Today those files are in the anonymous FTP directory. Made in 1992, donated by M/A/R/C in 1994 and used regularly until 1996, and as needed thereafter until 1999. It was superseded by a 2GB EXAbyte 8mm cartridge drive.

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SDF Tour – April 2003

This brief video from April 2003 shows the servers in the Plano Texas datacenter starting with the DEC StorageWorks SBB array, RPC power strip, Livingston PM2e terminal server, (zetapus), Cisco 2950 switch, hosts ol, mx, sdf, otaku, sverige, norge and sdf-eu (droog).

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